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“Dynamism, flexibility and experience”

GYT is an innovative, dynamic company, capable of adapting to complex market scenarios and to the specific requirements of every client. We operate independently in the international financial markets, adopting a dynamic and flexible approach.

Our independence from the banking system but at the same time strong and established relationship with financial institutions allows it to act fast and with the right flexibility which is key in this market environment and it allows it customer to benefit from the security and safeguard.

We are a team of professionals with longstanding experience in the financial industry

Alessandro Aldrovandi


Fabio Pacchioni


Domenico Balassi



“Diversification to ensure stability and performance”

We analyze the major financial markets on a daily and intraday basis.

Volatile markets and various kinds of crises represent instability which must be met with flexibility and versatility. In order to achieve stable, satisfactory results over time, we offer a multi-asset strategy, which allows for diversified, dynamic investment, while keeping the level of risk under control.

We offer our clients investment ideas in support of trading activities


“Learn how to be a profitable trader”

One of the most important things that we teach our day traders is the ability to read and understand the market.  Our rules-based approach to trading is extremely flexible for all types of traders.  We give you a proven skill set and you choose what you are comfortable with as a trader.  In the beginning it is important to follow the patterns we highlight, to gain market aptitude.  Once your confidence increases, we will begin to make small changes to trade entries, exits, and risk management.

It isn’t about making a million dollars every day.  The goal is be able to make money consistently every single day.  It is learning how to be reliant on yourself so you can focus on the actual movement of the market.


“A rigorous approach and total risk control”

We are able to understand the radical changes that are occurring in the financial markets and the new way to relate to them. GYT was founded to provide for the changed needs of the market and of the clients by moving from a concept of “product” to a concept of “service” by uniting the position of portfolio manager to the one of advisor in order to offer independent and personalised solutions.

All investment analysis services use a proprietary model of financial instrument classification, developed using fundamental analysis and quantitative research criteria. Liquidity assessment, the application of mathematical methods (Risk Parity) and the use of Monte Carlo simulations put us at the forefront in risk analysis.

We operate to increase clients’ assets , through the achievement of absolute returns, paying attention to reduce volatility and preserve capital. We construct portfolios using a systematic and rigorous methodology based on continuous risk control.

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